What is Strawberry?

Strawberry is a text editor designed for programmers, web designers and anyone else who needs to edit plain text. It provides many features specific to a particular text editing task, like syntax coloring, snippets, syntax directed editing and auto-completion. But it also has many generally useful functions like search across files, line numbering and markers. You can edit a single file, or a multiple files, grouped either as a project or a file hierarchy.

But what sets Strawberry apart from other text editors is its ability to be extended to do other tasks, such as executing commands, previewing HTML, debugging, and anything else you can write using its built-in Javascript language.


Strawberry started life as Smultron, written by Peter Borg. The source code for Smultron was then picked up by Jean-François Moy and renamed Fraise. Then I forked Fraise and made Strawberry.

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