Home Server Bound

The marrin.com site (and friends) is currently hosted at ESecureData. We have a dedicated server box with an Atom processor, up in Vancouver. It’s a great little server and has been working for several years. But it’s not without its quirks, sometimes going down for no apparent reason. And about a year ago I had to get entirely new hardware. But the folks at ESecureData have always been great and were willing to give me that new server at my old, very attractive price.

But even at the great price I am getting, it’s still pretty expensive. But my needs are pretty specific and no VPS or other hosting solution has ever come close to giving me the capabilities of a dedicated box at the price I’m paying.

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I’ve been planning on building an ethernet connected clock for some time now. It started as a project for my daughter, Mikayla. But my wife went out and bought both her and my other daughter Leah little LED alarm clocks for $10 at Walgreen’s which took away my ability to make her a $50 clock 🙂

Not to worry. We always need more clocks. So I repurposed Etherclock for the family room. We had a Squeezebox serving the purpose of a really accurate clock in that room. But I felt bad to be putting it to such a meager use and my friend Jon wanted a second one, so I sold it to him and started on Etherclock.

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